Dont forgot to customise the board. Adam Hoult (1 reply, 0 views) (2000-Mar-30)
Dont forget that you can customise the board to how you like to view it. For example hit collapse/view threads on main page, or switch between Flat and Single view threads when reading the messages. It stores your last settings in a cookie (just like your Name/e-mail address so you dont have to keep filling that in. Also any Messages which show up in BOLD are important announcments (only the moderator (i.e myself) can do this). p.s words like s h i t are censored (i.e @!#$ ) . You think I should remove the banned word list, or keep it in ?? Thanks Adam

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RE: Dont forgot to customise the board. Jason Li (0 replies) (2000-Mar-31)

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