RE: Woo hoo! Adam Hoult (0 replies, 0 views) (2000-Apr-8)
More behind the scenes, no more crappy html updates etc =) There will be improvements which you will see, such as auto generated archives, better search facilities, and the way it now works, will allow me to add pretty much anything you want to the site, i.e user contributed debate etc, votes, rating options etc. Things like that. The biggest thing you will see happening to the site, is daily updates =) Because when i add an item, it automatically appears on the page, in it's actual day section. All the links and everything are done automatically, so I dont really have to do anything other then post the item, the rest of the site is generated automatically, when you load the page, such is PHP =) In case you didn't know what php does, basically when you go to the main page, an html file is generated on the fly, and sent to your browser (basically), so everybody sees there own html file generated at the exact time they open the page. This means that eventually i could add user customisations etc, but i just want the site to work properly for now =) Cheers Adam

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