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Of course there can be one rule for one country and another rule for another, it all depends on how the contract for the rights is written. For example, one company in a certain country could purchase rights to "Star Trek" for that country (assuming that was what was needed). Im not saying that it is in this case, or even for star trek. But it has absolutely nothing to do with a government, or country per se, for example if i had come up with Star Trek (and I wish i had =) i could distribute the rights how i saw fit, and sell rights to companies in certain countries, who have control over everything which uses that trademark for example. As long as that is specified in the contract, it could say whatever the hell i wanted it to. It's all down to whatever is in the contract which is signed. Hell I could even say, that my pet dog has the sole rights to Star Trek (assuming i had a dog, and it could sign a contract =) So there is no way of knowing without contacting the relevant people, and find out what the licensing involves, and who it should be paid to. Unfortunately all this info is second hand, and i dont know who those "Relevant People" are. >i can assure you my country has no such rule:) I can assure you that you will have to pay licensing to someone ! =) All i was saying is that in my country this is what i've found, it could be completely different in america for example. But as we didn't need to know about licensing in america, i wouldn't know would I =) Anyways good luck man, keep up the fight !! hehe. Adam

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