OoOOOps ! Adam Hoult (1 reply, 0 views) (2000-Apr-8)
Doh, i just managed to wipe out half the archives in one foul swoop of an sql command. Instead of using "DELETE FROM NEWSITEMS WHERE ID=$id" i managed to only get half way through, got disturbed and came back to finish off what i was doing, but forgot to add the "WHERE ID=$id" bit. Then i happily ran the funciton, and booom !!!!!!!!!! all articles deleted. OoOops. Damnit. I had half of them backed up, but i gotta spend a couple of hours or so getting the rest back in (grrrrr). So in short, tomorrow night =) Sorry about that. (Hope you're all happy with yourselves making me keep the old archives hehehe) Dont ya just hate doing things over again ??? Someone please shoot me now !. Actually this will give me a chance to get the search page up and running, and the archive viewing working properly. So until then, im off to catch some zzZZzz's. (Well i probably wont get much sleep, four little words will be haunting me all night, "DELETE", "FROM", "NEWSITEMS" and "DOH!" =) A very stooopid Adam

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Well done *nt* Rag on a Stick (0 replies) (2000-Apr-9)

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