RE: DDX Adam Hoult (0 replies, 0 views) (2000-Apr-8)
Heya =) Going well, few things left to sort out, which have slowly dropped down the priority list (i have an in box as big as my seventeen inch..........................monitor =) But rest assured, I have fixed a ton of stuff, multiplayer is half up and running again, added a truck load of new functions, fixed the pseudo-pixel perfect collision detection, so now there is NO slowdown at all =) and tons of other stuff to do with imaging, effects and general speed issues. I've got SOOO much to do lately, and no time to fit it all in. But it's all going ok, i just have had to slice my time into 40 different pieces. (Geez it would be nice to have a holiday, and go somewhere, i.e just get in my car, and drive anywhere, perhaps to the coast and just think for a while, walking on the beach, a gentle cool sea breeze blowing in from the ocean, the sound of the waves lapping at my feet, =), oops sorry, started day dreaming then hehe. Im so sick of my computer at the moment =) Anyone else get like that ?? lol. l8a Adam

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