Yep PyroBoy (0 replies, 0 views) (2000-Apr-9)
Yeah, I've got all kinds of ideas for features in the one player game, but the project was for school and my teacher was only interested in the multiplayer aspect, so I just made it into a piddly target practice mode. I included the 1 player just to test out the game and the tile engine and such. I wrote a level editor so it's not hard to create more and better maps. Testing the multiplayer is so hard. I was bugging all my friends on ICQ for months trying to get them to test, and nobody had the right software, or just didn't wanna do it. Finding 1 other player was hard enough, let alone 3! The multiplayer mode's really slow I think. You could only play it over the internet with a really low-ping setup like cable or DSL. I think it's pretty much a LAN game. I've never tried writing a multiplayer game before, so it isn't nearly as slick as it needs to be to function on the internet!

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