They stole my pants!!! Peter (4 replies, 1 views) (2000-Apr-1)
I'm not kidding, someone stole my pants!! My mom went to the laundry place and when she returned to get the stuff the pants were gone! WTF?! Who steals bloody pants?? Money, merchandise, shiny things, I can at least understand. But clothes? Who would steal WORN clothes? I'm not implying anything about my personal hygiene ;) but that is really dirty. Ahh!! Ok, sorry for the OT level of this post but I'm really pissed off. Good thing my favourite pants weren't in the wash =) Oh and to bring this to some level of on topic, I bought Myth the total Codex today, and I have to say Myth rocks. The story is cool, the graphics are good (except for the sprites, but oh well) and the presentation is slick. Lets hope DDCK turns out half as well =) Peter

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