DirectX 7 & mask alpha blending Roger the Camel (2 replies, 0 views) (2001-Jun-7)
hey guys, i was wondering if anyone knew how to apply an alpha mask to a surface with a texture in direct3d. even if someone could tell me how to load *.dds files would be good. Im actually making a game at the moment its an RPG with 2d 3d-rendered sprites and a 3d terrian currently im in the process of implementing the sprites and i want to take the edge off them that u see to get with solid edges. even if someone could show me how to antialias it would be cool. btw, i might need a few good programmers to be on the team, and modellers and sounds peoples and so on, is the 'company' im working with, who seem to be supporting my project suberbly, so if u want to go down to that site and try contact him im sure he'd find a project for you to join(pick mine "the promised lands" :)) me icq#:26695617

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Re: DirectX 7 & mask alpha blending Roger the Camel (1 reply) (2001-Jun-13)
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