Is there any kind of ready and easy to use network YellowSheep (0 replies, 0 views) (2001-Jun-30)
Hmm I get hatred cause of this network stuff... perhaps somewhere is a tut on how to design a packet system what packts i do need and so on, or maybe a DLL with functions "send linked list" or "send playerinfos(x,y,z,speed...)" i got 2 main problems perhaps s.o. can help me a bit :) 1. how to assemble a linked list (perhaps in the DoBullets routine) in a fast way and the main problem on this is: how to get it on the clientside back into the linked system ? perhaps i should make a packet that tells the client "addbullet" or so, but for that i need to use broadcasting, is that possible with TCP, or need i switch to UPD, and if i need to, what should i beware of when i use upd?

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