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okay im thinking of making a rpg so i started to plan every thing and when i came to scripting events i had a slight problem. okay i was thinking about events like people talking and then they wanna walk over to a switch or something. well you want about 3 people to walk over at the same time. i couldn't think of any easy ways to do this but this is what i came up with: 1)move the characters one at a time 2)change the position every step of the way 3)have a que built into the main loop that you can add the modifications of all 3 people. the que would work like this if npcx==130 then get rid of this que line else move the npc end that would be run every frame or i could add a delay built-in to the whole que or just this que line. im thinking of just expanding my que cuz im already gonna have one for messages but thats all i was gonna do with it. but i would just have to add stuff to it. i was just thinking that it wouldn't be very efficient but maybe it is... well i would like to hear your ideas on this as im sure that someone has delt with this kinda problem before or have some ideas that i don't well thanx for reading this thread! and Please post any ideas you have or questions as the questions might help me even more cuz it would make me think about more ideas than i am right now. ---AntiMimic

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