ugh? W-Buffer (0 replies, 0 views) (2001-Jul-5)
What?, windows Crashes???, i'm mading i kinda OpenGL Engine in C++ (API for VB) and it runs Well! (Compiled, in IDE it haves 1 or 2 flaws, but it dosen't crashes!) and is Fast Enough!!! it was about 20 times easyer do a cube in OpenGL than DirectX, even you can do that with 1 simple call (DrawCube in my engine), methinks OpenGL is great! but not for VB unless you take the time to make a C++ DLL to link it with VB. And is Perfect for Windowed Mode!!!, i didn't haved any problem with the viewport or nothing in windowed mode, but for fullscreen you need to change display mode manually :(, anyways is good for me i don't know if anyone out there :) is interested too in OpenGL & VB. PS: i still working in DirectX stuff for those that may think i'm leaving VB-DX Programming...

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