Online RPG-style game project! Zoulz (1 reply, 0 views) (2001-Jul-25)
Greetings, I have an idea for a online RPG-style game. It will be a blend of my favorite RPGs, like Diablo, Baldur's Gate, Final Fantasy. Basicly, a player starts off with creating a character (probobly several classes will be available to choose from). Then the character is plunged into an online world where he can communicate and roleplay with other people. The player will move between "locations" and each location may contain several "location objects", such as shops or quests. Players will find items and be able to build their character like in Diablo. I am in most dire need of someone skilled in the arts of computer graphics (2D/3D). Skills with Photoshop, Poser, 3D Studio MAX are of particular intrest. The graphics required for this game is mostly character portraits, item-graphics (icons and when placed on character), location background scenes. Also, someone with a big mind for rules, systems and good ideas. Should be a real RPG-addict! Preferably with knowledge of pen&paper RPGs as well (not a must though). This game will require many rules, like combat-rules, magic-rules etc. Please contact me for further details!

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Re: Online RPG-style game project! Rockwilder (0 replies) (2001-Jul-25)

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