About vbDABL again Pekuna (3 replies, 0 views) (2001-Sep-20)
Now that the forum is back, I think I should re-post my question I had regarding vbdabl: ------------------------------------------------ Hey David, I went to your site and downloaded vbDABL and then I thoroughly read the tutorial on it. I have no problems when I am running my game through vb, but once it is compiled, these weird vertical lines appear in the color blending area. the alpha blending part works fine, but color blending does not. I've spent several days trying to figure out this problem, but I don't seem to get anywhere.

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Re: About vbDABL again David Goodlad (2 replies) (2001-Sep-21)
Re: About vbDABL again Pekuna (1 reply) (2001-Sep-21)
Re: About vbDABL again David Goodlad (0 replies) (2001-Sep-22)

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