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"it gets a >little annoying." For who? The programmer (me) gets annoyed the most, believe me, I don't like it anymore...see the latest article on the site... it get's a bit boring, and I'm looking/thinking for something completely original. (what I want to publish) I started this game before the real "Vb community" existed... so I didnt knew about Galaxy, or other space games. "is the home of the 4 year beta in >the corner of their mom's basement with no results except a >pretty (and frequently re-programmed) web page and an >incomplete, 3/4 functioning program, most of which tend to >resemble the arcade games of 10 years ago with 'kewl' DirectX >effects slapped on it." DDCK was original. But I agree, all the other games are baded on other games. But what isn't? It's hard to think of something original. I was thinking of a team game where you have to capture things inside a building, kinda like C&C:RA when you're in the buildings. 1) It's C&C, 2) It's Commando's, 3) It's cannon fodder (relative old)... etc. Every game has a base somewhere in the earlier 80's or 90's (eg Dune2/Warcraft aren't probably the first RTS games) btw, I use my own room to program :). Looks a *bit* like the interior of the lionhead building... If I didn't make a website for QW, so that people weren't waiting for this game, I would definetly canned the project. But now, I just want to finish it, and wonder how live continues without it... Programming for a company... Just waiting till I get such a thing offered :) Good luck with your new game. Be sure that you don't make it online though... it will take you 2 years :) Almar

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