jim's review jim (0 replies, 0 views) (2001-Sep-26)
i played heart its basically the kind of game you'd play in ASCII text on your 286 i believe. the 3d graphics are nice i suppose. If the website showed an ingame screenshot it would show some numbers representing your current status, icons representing what you can buy, and buttons allowing you to navigate the interface. gameplay involves buying property, buying thugs, assigning thugs tasks, and other stuff; make your moves and end the turn, then you'll find out what happened. It was a little abstract for me and my 3D-Blitzkreig-Extravaganza-Warped mind. I know it wouldn't change the gameplay a single bit, but I'd prefer to see my buildings, thugs, enemy thugs, etc, doing their stuff at each turn. Seeing two icons representing buildings i own and three icons representing thugs working for me with text under them saying what they're doing doesn't cut it for my video-boy mentality. Also, the installer took about five minutes.

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