Bunch of solutions W-Buffer (0 replies, 0 views) (2001-Sep-28)
Well i thinked a little about it and got a few solutions: 1) Change The Colors of each unit manually and make separate files and separate surfaces for each one (needs more memory and slows down loading time) 2) Make the Color Change Manually, usually Asm and MMX is perfect for this, but you need to spend time to make the DLL and your brain may melt down writing asm code while trying to figure out how Pitch works ;) 3) Do some extra Blits!, you can use colored Masks, first Draw the mask and the the unit with a standar ColorKey, or use the BltFX to color it, i think is the And or Paint operation, ough IUnknown. Muhahahahaha anyone else? BTW this forum is NOT dying, i posted about 2 days ago and still see new posts! Awwww, Whatever. W-Buffer

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