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As far as I know, lost packets will only increase the lag. The data will get there no matter what, our problem here is the delay until it gets there. A good way to make it fast would be if the destination computer already knows what weapon you're using (it's sent when the game starts, and when it changes). So all you'd have to do would be to send 1 byte :) Kinda like, 00 means "Fired in the current dir", 01 means "Changed direction to Up", 02 means "Chatting" (the following bytes would be the chat text, it would be better if they were encoded too). That way it would be fast enough I guess. You could also try to syncronize the 2 computers when there isn't much lag too. Some sort of timestamp or something for each of these messages would be cool too so you could take into account the delay and if there's a 0.5 seconds delay, the bullet would automatically go to the right position (as if it had already travelled for 0.5 seconds).

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