Releases... Rag on a Stick (6 replies, 0 views) (2001-Nov-2)
Ok, you are in the process of making your game. What kind of release thing do you do? Like do you do private alpha(s), public beta and then final release. Or do you do something totally different? I'm just curious as to what others do mainly. What I plan to do is to put together the main structure of the game and get it to a working state, then do a release to iron out any bugs in the lower level stuff. This has already been done with Emoticon, and I haven't finished with fixing up some of the problems I had. The next release will hopefully be an incomplete, but playable game. This way, the actual gameplay can be discussed. Then, what I usually do here is to get the game complete, but before release, show a few people and ask them first. If there is something glaring here, I don't want people to be downloading it and complaining and forcing me to deal with 2 "real" versions out there. Plus, by singling out people, I can get more feedback because it is a one on one situation. Finally, when all my private testers are happy, I will release it publicly. Although often I'm tempted to release it before they are happy just because I'm so glad it is done :) Over to you

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