My opinion Almar Joling (2 replies, 0 views) (2002-Feb-4)
Okay... indeed there should be a good (and dedicated) project manager/leader. But, now some more things that are also true in my opinion: -Think of your current or previous projects. Have you worked every day on it, did you have times when you just didn't want to continue with it because it was a bit boring atm? I've had this MANY times with QW (as a fact, I'm again in such a period... I spent the whole christmas holiday programming for the editors, readme's, bug fixes).. I'm just burned out at the moment. I've been working three+ years on QW. Many times I decided to quit, but since many people wanted to see the game, I decided to continue... The game is still much work, but I just can't work on it now for a moment. -And I believe every programmer sometimes has this "programmer's break". Sometimes it takes a month (or two) -Another thing, even with todays internet, live communication is still pretty hard. Normally on a big project on school, you would call someone, or you would say to each other that we should discuss a few things. On the internet this just doesn't work. Even with the age of netmeeting =-). Timezones are a trouble already, and not everyone has a dedicated internet connection... so communication will still be worse than IRL. you can't point out yourself what you changed, you have to write it, and hoep the receving party understands. -I think VB can be used to make pretty games, that can even end up in the stores, but only programmers cannot work...artists would be needed, GFX,SFX, etc, etc... -What do you use as prefix for a module? mod or mdl? for a class: class or cls? etc... Dim bBool as boolean or dim blnBool as boolean? Anyway, I'm always interested in community stuff... just be somewhat realistic, don't try to pull off a Massive multiplayer Online role playing game, since I won't even bother joining it. Almar

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My Opinion v2.0 Lorn (1 reply) (2002-Feb-5)
Well..seems to have died already =-) NT* Almar Joling (0 replies) (2002-Feb-6)

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