Some community ideas Almar Joling (1 reply, 7 views) (2002-Mar-9)
I thought of some ideas while cleaning my HD, I hope some of you can see the logic in them. I've posted this at Lucky's, VoodooVB and theNexus, so it should reach everyone I think... I also had this a bit in mind thinking of Lorn's new website project. 1) "Recycling code" While cleaning my HD I have found old source code. And not just a few files, probably about ~150mb of source code/projects. And now I'm not including QW of course. The code varies from "cheat programs", to DirectX5 typelib samples, old screenshot code, recursive terrain generation. Now sure some people can learn from this code. The code is _really_ old, I was even amazed by my lack of commenting, identation, and whatever else that it lacks. But still, people can learn from it. I'm also 100% sure that everyone here has old code as well, often things just to test if "you can do it" or "if it's possible". For example, I once made a very cool "exponential color plotted" progressbar thing, in 5 mins. It looks damn cool though. So maybe it's an interesting project to try to get some of your old code which is just sitting on your HD taking up (crucial) HD space, slowing down your HD, in one large site/database were we can all benefit from it. For example, I know that Jack has a compression sample using Gamasutra's Vector quantization, which certainly interest me. I guess he never uses it, and I'm pretty sure it was just to see if "he could do it". Now don't start saying you have your stuff on CD. I have it as well, but I noticed the CD's of a few years ago are worse in quality (especially M-MORE CD's...get the stuff on your HD ASAP), and are slowly detoriating, I dunno. I thought it was not possible, but it seems CD's can get worse as well. That's why I copied my 4 Backup cd's to my HD, and started to sort out the double files... And ofcourse you can help people with it, if that isn't a big enough reason =-). Now, for example, this also explies to Jason, who isn't in programming, but rather in graphics. (He's the guy that often designs the awards (I thought :)). Maybe he has some nice techniques in a graphics program, or some nice exported "materials" or something... 2) "Bookmark exchange" Second, I thought I proposed this earlier: A bookmark exchange. For example, I have many multiplayer related bookmarks, some are the result after days of searching and searching for interpolation or time synchronisation algorithms. Now, some other guys here have lots of bookmarks, for example, about isometric. Now, if I want to start something with isometric, I could simply use their links to get started a bit, or just to get more information. Well, I sure you understand the concept behind them. I hope to hear some thoughts about this, positive, negative. I'm not sure if these ideas are feasible anyway. But I thought I could simply write my thoughts down... Regards, Almar Joling

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