Important Announcement ! Adam Hoult (8 replies, 1 views) (2000-Apr-2)
Hi all, Well the upgrade of the site is going GREAT !!! Most of the PHP and SQL is in place, and everything should work out ok. What i will need is for everyone to report ANY bugs they find when it goes live, either directly to me via mail, or on this board. There is tons of stuff i can do with the site now, such as the rating system, votes, pretty much anything =) So don't be afraid to ask, once everything is up and running and tested, There may even be certain things where you can input items yourself, i.e monthly debate or something like that. But thats all to come. I am anticipating that the new version of the site will go live sometime between wednesday and saturday (but dont hold be to that, my life is mad at the moment, so who knows) and a fresh batch of news to go with it. All the archives are auto updating now, and items just drop off the bottom of the main page into the archives as time goes on, automatically, so no more wiping of the page every month or so =) There should be updates daily, assuming i'm around of course, but i've got most of the framework in place, so that a guest VB'er can post news in my absence who ONLY has privaleges to post news items (but it's not finished) I'm very wary of becoming like codeworld, not that there is anything wrong with codeworld of course, damn fine site (I wish I had the ability to do something like that sooner =). But i don't think that there is room for two sites like that, especially on almost identical subjects, with identical content =) Anyways, you probably won't notice much difference between the new site and the old (it's designed to be almost exactly the same), so don't worry that you don't see any DRASTIC changes =). I have entered all the old news into the database too, so there shouldn't be a difference there either. Thanks all Adam

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