A little forum bug I think... tatsuo (5 replies, 1 views) (2000-Apr-3)
Hate to rain on the parade, but when I posted a reply under Minion's post and submitted it, and it took me back to the main board, Minion's post was the first one displayed. The others above it were just gone! Could've just been a fluke (I DO use AOL...); has anyone else had this happen? Don't kill the messenger ;) tatsuo

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By Design, not a Bug =) Adam Hoult (4 replies) (2000-Apr-3)
I worked it out... Rag on a Stick (3 replies) (2000-Apr-4)
Read inside please everyone who cares ! =) Adam Hoult (2 replies) (2000-Apr-4)
RE: Read inside please everyone who cares ! =) David Goodlad (1 reply) (2000-Apr-4)
Good idea. Adam Hoult (0 replies) (2000-Apr-4)

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