Re: Engine: DaBooda Turbo (8) (8 of 10)!!?? masterbooda (0 replies, 358 views) (2005-Oct-18)
DaBooda here,
I have been out of circ for some time, and I just found out about this forum.  First thank you ballistik for the URL change, I shouldn't have released this engine without a stable site first, it has caused many problems.  But now there is a working link, that will remain for quite some time(barring a server error on the other end...crossing fingers, praying...etc...).  Second, 8 of 10 is just too give it a maybe 4/10 at most for the simple fact that it is only about 95% compatible.  I hold microsoft responsible for this, and their direct x 8 libraries demanding higher end video cards.  The code is second rate, I cringe when I review my code.  What I am trying to say is, this can be better and will be.  At the current time I am working on a new DaBooda engine, which will fall back on Direct X 7 at the sign of incompatibility.  It will also utilize c routines(ducking as the hardcore VB'ers throw peripherals at me.)  The reason is for direct access to textures, think about it, being able to blend 5 textures into 1 at the speed of a if..then statement, sprite and overlay sorting routines, advanced sprite movement, such as explosions, particle, and path following. 
Long story short(sorry I tend to ramble), 8/10, although I am flattered, is to
DaBooda out...

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