It's fun .. bren (1 reply, 0 views) (2001-Aug-1)
Having a break now, food is good ;) arcades all over the building so you can play anytime you get a break. Next week we'll have the time to make a game. I'll upload it at the end of the week. We have a pre-made lib for gfx and input stuff etc. so one week should be enough to make somthing :) I'll port it to DX when I'm back home ;) The bad thing is we have to make our own gfx, so basicly the gfx will be a disaster, was hoping to dl the ari field;am sprite lib but he hasn't got it on his site anymore, bummer :/ So if anyone knows where to get some arcade gfx (top view) tell me!! Don't know what kind of game I'll be making yet though. Going to play some more good old ninja turtles 2 ;) So to anyone who wants to learn some game programming in C, I recommand it. (the level 2) The level 1 is way to basic from what I've heard, more for people who know no programming a all. You can also learn 3D max here, my brother i staking the level1 course (animation shop level 1) and he's really learning a lot so, if u wanne learn 3D modeling it's good place to start, wanne learn bones etc. take the level 2. The university itself looks very good too. I just hope they accept international students soon ;) Cya, Bren

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