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Hi guys, up until now i've been using a per-tile collision detection model in my 2d rpg.. i dont, however, want to snap people playing my game to a grid. Luckily (no pun intended), i stumbled upon the latest tutorial on Lucky's site with irregularly shaped collisions. now this may sound completely retarded, but i cant seem to make the collision "stop" the ship properly... keep in mind, i've been using per-tile collisions. ie) if tile(x,y).Collision <> true then MovePlayer i've zipped up the source project that i've modified, so you can see what im doing (wrong)... any help is greatly appreciated. also, i noticed that this method is being used in Talos's latest shooter... i'll be using this method in a game where many many many more collisions will be taking place than just ship on ship.. is this a viable collision method for what i want to do? or should i just take the plunge and spend 6 months writing a pixel perfect collision detection model? thanks for all your help, i really appreciate it. source project: NOTE: i posted this on lucky's message board, but its' kinda chaotic over there and i think it may have been overlooked :( sorry for mass site spammage...

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