Heh thanks everyone ! =) + Search Engine Adam Hoult (1 reply, 1 views) (2000-Apr-2)
Well the search engine for the news pages, is VERY much like the search in the BBS. The two are now completely seperate, so you can search the BBS or the news pages independantly (before the search engine would search through EVERY file on the site, whether it was a bbs message or a news page). I think this is a better way of doing it, anyway =) So to answer your question, yes, the search engine will search ALL past and present news items (include item body text too if desired). Cool huh ?? (Well I think so anyway hehe.) I've just been playing with the admin pages for the site, it's really cool because the way i have written it, is that all i have to do is keep adding items, no need for extra items for every day, / creating a new day etc etc. Now when the main news is generated, it works out if the articles are on the same day, and adds a new day table automatically when it gets to an article with the next date. MY DREAM WEBSITE !!!!!!!!!!! =) L8a Adam * I've got a loverly bunch of coconuts ! *

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Glad you like php! David Goodlad (0 replies) (2000-Apr-2)

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