RE: Crap! Chris (5 replies, 1 views) (2000-Apr-4)
I missed it too, your not alone. I also missed that April fools joke on tatuso's site (wherever it is!) Oh well, that's what I get for being a 7th grader who has to go to bed at 9:30 every weekday (except Friday and Saturday when nobody's on! :)

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Hehe Jason Li (3 replies) (2000-Apr-5)
1 more year for me :) Soop (2 replies) (2000-Apr-5)
Whaa Chris (1 reply) (2000-Apr-5)
RE: Whaa David Goodlad (0 replies) (2000-Apr-5)
I'm honored you knew about that ;) tatsuo (0 replies) (2000-Apr-5)

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