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The Help Bin is a database of beta testers, programmers, artists, musicians, and other game related individuals.

The Help Bin works by creating a very basic profile that contains contact information, and then you later refine your profile by offering beta testing, requests for help on projects or announcements that you're looking to join a specific project.

Beta Testers are always needed, and the Help Bin allows you to create hardware profiles for different computers you have. This allows programmers that need to test their programs on specific hardware to search the database and sort people based on specific hardware available.

The Help Bin also allows you to post requests for help. You can specify what kind of position you're looking for, such as programmer, artist, muscian, designer, etc, and also specify what a general list of requirements that you specify.

You can also list yourself in the database so that other people can search for you based on your skills, location, and software that you own.


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Help Bin Console

If you want to be listed as a beta tester, then you need to create hardware profiles of different computers that you can use for beta testing.

If you are looking for help on a project, then you'll need to create a Help Wanted request.

If you want to list yourself as being available to work on or contribute to other projects, then you'll need to create a Help Available post.

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