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Atomic Monks Forums General game development forums for both C++ and VB. Vote
Extreme Visual Basic Forum Lots of different forums on everything VB related. Has a forum dedicated to a community game. Vote
Game Programming Wiki Forums This is the gpwiki forum, multilanguage. Vote
Managed DirectX Yahoo Group Patrice Scribe runs this Yahoo Group. It has been recently renamed to "Managed DirectX" to show the move towards managed .NET code and DirectX 9. Vote
Qbite community forums Lots of different message boards, the Baronsoft (the ORE creators) forum is at this website. Vote
** Lots of different forums on everything VB related. Vote
VoodooVB Forums Forum for advanced topics on game programming, VB in particular. Vote
XBasic Group XBasic discussion group. This group is very active and contains a lot of information on using XBasic. Vote

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