"DaBooda Turbo" game engine version 1.4 released

8/15/2004 5:06:55 AM | Posted by: Sion | 1 comment
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The "DaBooda Turbo" 2D game engine has finally reached version 1.4. This new version includes an impressive list of new features some of which have probably never been seen in a 2D engine before.

Among the new features are:
  • Added resource class that will allow you to put all your resources in one file with password encryption
  • Added many mouse features, even hovering capabilities as well as using sprites as pointers.
  • Added a cool vertex system, that basically lets you handle a group of sprites as if they where a 3d object, too cool.
  • Added catches for fullscreen and windowed lost focus, no more errors.
  • Added a new render style option that uses the DX8 Sprite class instead of the strip style, looks alot better.
  • Added two commands that allow you to choose how textures will be rendered to the screen.
  • Added an actual viewport, so now you can set the screen to any size in fullscreen mode.
  • Added A counter class that will allow you to use multiple 2 looped counters that you can apply to any property in the engine, this reduces game programming to nothing almost.
  • Added 2 more sprite collision detections, rect and polygon.
  • Added a multiple sound buffer system, now more than one instance of a single sound can play.
  • Added many fetures to the text, which now allows for up to 16 fonts on the screen as well as alignment methods with make formating way easier.
  • Added many more QM's to the overlays and sprites that now allow you to spread a color amongst multiple objects, as well as aligning many objects.

The engine's homepage can be found at:

And for the lazy - here is a direct link to version 1.4 of the engine:

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