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We're baaaaack =) After a long hiatus, Alpha 7 is back in development! Right now we are working on the game's missions with a limited release (details to come) in September.

Space action amped - Alpha 7 features intense space action. As a fighter pilot in the Terran Space Force you are part of humanity's last hope against the hordes of Species 159 bugs.

Besides action, Alpha 7 has you fighting amongst allies in pitched battles as friends call in for help, the enemy keeps coming, and objectives change.

For example, in one mission you are part of a taskforce assigned to launch a counterattack against Boundary Line Omega, the last line of defence between the 159 and the supercarrier TSF Independence. If the Independence and its battle group falls, the 159 will be free to pour out into the rest of the galaxy from the Hyperion Nebula. Nothing will stand between them and Earth.

The Boundary Line was breached in the last mission, and now it is the TSF's task to retake it. You will be fighting amongst heavily armoured TSF Gunships and larger capitol ships (the Gunboats, which are packed to the brim with deadly turrets). Hundreds of bugs stand between you and your objective. They will swarm and crash into your small squadron again and again as you attempt to retake Omega (Screenshot 1)

Another mission will see you defending a disabled TSF cruiser, the Ordonnes. As an example of the complexity of later missions, you would have to defend the Ordonnes from attack for a few minutes while troop transports get into position to evac the crew. Once the crew is in, you would have to fight a rearguard action to save the transports from the pursuing 159.

Screenshot 3 features the TSF Independence itself, a massive capitol ship that spans several screens in length.
screenshot screenshot screenshot

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