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2/24/2006 1:20:17 AM | Posted by: tannerhelland | 3 comments
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Hey VB game programmers -

As a long-time member of the VB gaming community (see my old VB site at, search google for "Tanner Helland", etc.) I've seen a lot of indie VB game projects come and go. As such, I'm again trying to make a contribution to any team that can write a quality VB game.

My online music studio - - will provide at least one original full-length song (mp3, ogg, wav or MIDI format) FREE to anyone that can complete a QUALITY VB game. By quality, I mean that it has to represent a level of workmanship that I can attach my work to and not be embarrassed. :) You can check out the studio site and see that this is a serious promise - so get cracking and write some games! The better the game, the more music you'll get. If your game rocks, I may just provide an entire soundtrack free of charge. This is especially true for a VBRPG...

Don't contact me unless your project is 80-90% done or I won't sign up. Only SERIOUS entries will receive the gift. I run the music studio full-time, so I'll only have time to consider the best entries I get.

Long live the VB gaming community!

-Tanner "DemonSpectre" Helland,

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