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The DXGame Engine (2D Game Engine For VB6) continues to mature in both power and ease of use, thanks mainly to the forum users who provide feedback and excellent suggestions.

The following games are 100% coded in VB6 using the DXGame Engine:

  • Gem Runner - Brykovian
An action/arcade game with a puzzle element. Turn on switches to stop mutant gems from taking over their high-tech vault. Freeware. This game won 1st place in a recent DXG coding contest.

  • Dragon Orbs - Alternate Reality Studios
An exciting fast paced action/puzzle game, where the object is to match 3 or more orbs of the same color. Shareware.

  • RetroBlast - JGOware
Retro shooting game, where Robotron meets Geometry Wars. Shareware.

  • Crystal Mountian Balls - Rock Bottom Development
Top down action shooter. Tons of stuff to shoot at and blow up! This game won 2nd place in a recent DXG coding contest. Freeware.

  • Roidulous - JGOware
Shoot asteroids. Shoot ships. Repeat as needed. Shareware.

  • Platform Shooter Demo
A good example of scrolling maps and animated sprites. Freeware.

  • FireWorks
All the sights and sounds of an outdoor Fireworks show! Freeware.
About The DXGame Engine:
The DXGame Engine is a 100% free to use 2D game engine toolkit for use with DirectX 8 and VB6. You can learn more about the DXGame Engine and it's features by visiting the website. There is an active forum available where hundreds of developers are experimenting with the DXGame Engine and it's features.
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