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11/10/2002 4:43:51 AM | Posted by: Almar Joling | 3 comments
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Persistent Realities is a new site which brings many of my own stuff to one central location.

Some of it's contents:
  • VB Fibre is now available at, and is now fully PHP and mySQL based. The site is a lot faster now than before! The previous URL at DigitalRice is now obsolete.

  • Articles and tutorials I have written can also be accessed from

  • A nice collection of source code, ASP, VB, DirectX, it's all there for you to download.

  • Forums. For both Quadrant Wars, and VB Fibre. If you think you found something new for VB Fibre, or want to give comments on something, do it there.

Don't forget to update your bookmarks, or links on your own site to VB Fibre...

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