Sprite Shop and ResPack pre-release available!

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Yar Interactive Software has put a limited version of their work-in-progress program - Sprite Shop - and their binary-resource-file creation tool - YI ResPack - up for download.

SpriteShop Completed Features include:
  • Import AVI movie file.
  • Import Animated GIF file.
  • support for standard GIF, JPG, BMP file types.
  • Create monocrome masks
  • Save as either "tileset" sprite, or frame-by-frame bitmap sequence.
  • Preview sprite animations.
This program is in its early stages, the following features will be added in the future:
  • Convert images/sprites into isometric format.
  • Additional drawing tools and filters.
  • Full-featured sprite creation wizard.
  • Partical-Animation tool.

Sprite Shop can be downloaded Here!

YI ResPack Features include:
  • VERY user friendly interface (similar to WinZip).
  • Extraction wizard for extracting files outside of a game.
  • Create extraction engine module with the click of a button - Extract.bas
  • Capable of packing upto 1024 files.

YI ResPack can be download Here!

They're both free.. so enjoy! =)
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