WOK StoneWars - the new boargame in town

3/7/2003 1:30:42 PM | Posted by: AL Gassner | Post a comment
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If you are looking for an intelligent boardgame with a twist that you can also play online with your buddies - look no further.
WOK StoneWars is here: each Player has 8 Stones with 3 points on it. You can move your Stones, hit the enemy or split the points from your Stones. Easy to learn, but a braincracker to play !
Join the thousands that already downloaded it - get your FREE basic copy today !
(WOK StoneWars is a GAMES PUB recommended Game)
Join the WOK wargames and strategy community with its great games - its all VB, all free. 20+ dedicated GMs and 11 Clans wait for you !
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