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Welcome to Deloria... Welcome to your new world! In the fantasy world of Deloria, your fate awaits you. Will you be the ultimate master?

Journey in to a long forgotten realm of warriors, magic and monsters battling for survival and domination in strange new lands known only in myth and tale. Embark on amazing adventures and participate in quests for glory and gold. Slay great monsters from venom spiders to sludge men as you travel newly explored lands in the ever developing world you are about to enter. Fight for experience and survival. Train your character in the path of your choice and purchase new weaponary and items to make your character the greatest of all.

Deloria is a role-playing game based in a fantsy enviroment, where you create your individual character in the path of the warrior or learn the ancient ways of magic to fight your enemies and foes. Your actions may decide upon the balance of power among the many guilds. Your stength, detirmination and skill will be tested on many quests, enter at your own peril and be part of the fantasy!

Deloria is an ever-evolving free online rpg with a variety of players globally. Due to the increasing popularity of Deloria, we have added a new server to play on. This will reduce the "Server is full" message and allow new players to enter the Deloria fantasy. Thank you for the support of all Deloria players.
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