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Article by: Eric Coleman

Moves is an interesting Chess variant from from CodeImp. Don't be mistaken, it's not chess, but it's similar and if you like strategy games you'll enjoy this.

The gameplay is really simple. You have a King and 7 pawns and you take turns moving only one of your game pieces. Each unit has a different number, which is how many spaces the unit can move. After a unit is moved, the movement number for that unit changes, and that keeps things interesting and challenging.

There are different ways to play Moves as well, you can play someone over a tcp/ip connection (LAN or Internet) or you can play against one of 5 different AI opponents. You can also have the movement numbers to be random or displayed on the board. This feature simply removes or adds an element of luck to the game, which is an interesting option.

Another interesting feature of Moves is that you can review all the moves that have occured during the game. There are little arrow buttons that allow you to navigate forwards and backwards through the move list.

There were some limitations with the game that I thought was strange. You can not run two instances of the game and then connect to the 'localhost' computer. Of course, having to share the computer with another person to play a game may not be that fun for some people, but for others that don't have a LAN you'll only be able to play the single player mode. Another limitation I found was that the listening port number couldn't be configured. This is a very big limitation for people with NATs or firewalls.

Overall it's a nice game. There were no sounds, at least none that I heard. The graphics weren't impressive, but that's not the point of the game. I think the square "stones" make the numbers easy to see, so that was a good decision. Moves is an easy to learn game, and the variable AI difficulty is a very nice touch that provides a nice challenge. Definately download this if you like strategy games!

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