BMSP 1.28 source released! - timbo152k (0 replies, 9105 views) (2008-Jun-23)
The award winning open source one-vs-one combat game [i]BotMatch - Secondary Protocol[/i] has an updated release on Planet Source Code.

See link here:

The list of new features is so extensive it's almost like a completely different game than in 2003! Most notably is the new (in beta) MatchFinder feature which acts like an online lobby for finding and connecting with other players to play online against!
The game now includes expansive roamable maps complete with moving obstacles / objects to take cover behind, new graphical enhancements (scorch decals, particle effects, etc.) and lots of engine optimizations. It still has minimal system requirements (133MHz running Windows98 or 200MHz running XP) but will play like a champ on the latest and greatest hardware as well.
The download weighs in at a little under 1MB, so check it out!

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