Moves boardgame improved with artificial intelligence - CodeImp (2 replies, 951 views) (2004-Apr-8)
Moves, a logical boardgame programmed in Visual Basic, was previously only playable with an opponent on the LAN or Internet. Recently the game has been improved and artificial intelligence and can now be played offline versus your computer or you can set up one AI versus another and watch the show :) The AI was first written in Visual Basic, but has been rewritten in C/C++ because of performance issues. The game source code, which is available from the site as well, shows a relation between the two languages using API calls. The AI is based on the NegaMax recursive evaluation method which is a very solid intelligence that works well with many logical games. Get the Moves boardgame and/or the sourcecode from my [url=""]website[/url].

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I was able to play a couple of test games before Gherkin released this update ... the AI is definitely a tough opponent -- even on the "easiest" setting. Of course, it could be that I'm just not very good at this game ... ;-p -Bryk
Before I released this I have created an even easier opponent "Rolf". You might wanna try playing him.

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