Tower of the Wizard King - (5 replies, 996 views) (2004-Apr-15)
Turn based strategy game coded only in VB6 w/ APIs. Choose your wizard, transform into a monster, and prepare to fight. See if you can become the next wizard king... File is 25MB dload at [url][/url]

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Re: Tower of the Wizard King -  Brykovian (0 replies) (2004-Apr-16)
Definitely looks like my kind of game. Unfortunately, when I went to test it out during my lunch break, I found it was only source code, and I don't have a VB compiler on this machine. :-( Any chance you could give me a link to a compiled EXE? I have the rest of the files already ... thanks! :-) -Bryk
Re: Tower of the Wizard King -  Spodi (0 replies) (2004-Apr-17)
Looks cool but cant compile it for some reason. I'll try later on my other comp...
I haven't had any emails complaining about compilations... so I'm not sure what could be wrong. If you are having problems and want JUST the executable, that should be small enough to email out, so email me at Note that you will STILL need the source code dload as this provides all of the directories, graphics, and such...
Re: Tower of the Wizard King -  Spodi (0 replies) (2004-Apr-19)
Okay, tried it here on my other comp (better) but get a "Out of Memory" error once it is like 4/5 of the way compiled, even when I turn everything off and use a memory compressor right before I compile. Stupid 128mb ram...
Re: Tower of the Wizard King - MalvagonX (0 replies) (2004-May-20)
Hey this one worked fine for me. I didn't have to change anything it just worked. I played a whole game of it too, it twas fun. Good job!

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