New Game + help debug - RobyDx (2 replies, 981 views) (2004-Apr-26)
I've released a new game: reversi. It has been developed in VB.Net 2003 and directX9.0b. I need help in testing it to see if it works on other systems. The download is available here: [url][/url] in game & code section. Please download it and let me know how it runs. It's full open source, has enviromnent per pixel lighting effects (if you have shader 2.0 compatible video card), and is a network game.

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Re: New Game + help debug -  Lachlan87 (0 replies) (2004-Apr-26)
I downloaded the game and played it twice against the computer. All the graphical elements worked very well for me. When I put the AI on hard it would often take a very long time to make a move, but it did just barely managed to beat me, so I guess I can't complain.
Re: New Game + help debug -  Spodi (0 replies) (2004-Apr-26)
I promise that, if I someday become extreamly unlazy and download DX9 and .NET SDK, I'll try this out. For now, I'm just gonna sit here and pretend I'm accomplishing something. Looks good though. :)

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