Direct3D Landscape Generator - Dan (3 replies, 1039 views) (2004-Apr-28)
If your able to understand principles simply by reading uncommented code, then you may find [url=""] this open source app [/url] useful for learning by. The program accepts any bitmap up to 181 pixels in size and creates a 3D landscape from it which you can walk around in real time. It supports both hardware and software rendering. Demonstrates some basic collision detection, as the camera hovers just above the ground.

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Re: Direct3D Landscape Generator -  Spodi (0 replies) (2004-Apr-28)
Pretty freaking sweet if ya ask me.
Re: Direct3D Landscape Generator -  Sr. Guapo (0 replies) (2004-Apr-30)
That's really cool. Question, how do you make the sample textures/bitmaps. do you have to do it by hand or what.
Re: Direct3D Landscape Generator -  Dan (0 replies) (2004-May-1)
The images are 256 greyscale bitmaps that can be any size upto 181 pixels square. The bitmap is used as a height map - pure white representing the highest point and black the lowest - anything in between is set according to the weight applied.

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