AlphaChannel tutorial - Almar Joling (2 replies, 953 views) (2004-May-3)
This tutorial/information Word document will show you how to use Alpha Channels using DirectX, also explains how to use alpha Channels on 16 bit systems and provides some code. [URL=""]Link to tutorial page[/URL] I wrote this after my recent experiences with Alpha channels, it's not a real tutorial, more like some quick snippet with some guidelines. For more info, also check [URL=""]Topic @ lucky's[/URL]

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Re: AlphaChannel tutorial -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2004-May-4)
That's just great. I spend all that time creating an easy way to submit tutorials and you end up not using it. :Þ
Re: AlphaChannel tutorial -  Almar Joling (0 replies) (2004-May-5)
:) I can submit it to here as well :). My main goal of writing some tutorials is mostly getting some extra traffic :)...

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