Doom 3 Technology Article - timbo152k (3 replies, 2240 views) (2004-Aug-23)
I stumbled accross a great article on the Doom3 Engine and the technology used behind it. It's a VERY long, but good read for anyone developing their own 3D engine. It can be found here: [url][/url] PS - John Carmack is a game-dev God, enjoy! =)

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Re: Doom 3 Technology Article -  Sion (0 replies) (2004-Aug-26)
I didn't know that Doom 3 was coded in Visual Basic :P Just kidding, it's a great article. Clearly a lot of work has gone into taking avantage of the new technology, but hey - that's what Carmack and iD are famous for, right?
Re: Doom 3 Technology Article -  sdw (1 reply) (2004-Aug-27)
If you ask me, the Halflife 2 engine is going to be better than the Doom 3 engine. I think they have pretty much the same things, except HL2 will be using the Havoc engine and will have far lower minimum requirements.
Re: Doom 3 Technology Article -  Sion (0 replies) (2004-Aug-28)
I also think (hope?) that Half-Life 2's engine will be better than the one used in DooM 3. It seems cabable of doing much more diverse things that what we've seen with DooM 3's engine so far. And Half-Life 2 is going gold this monday! Gabe said so himself. Oh wait, somebody hacked his forum account and posted news in his name? Guess we will never know for sure when it's comming until it's actually out in the stores. It's going to be great, though :)

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