Announcing the VBgamer Help Bin and more - Eric Coleman (1 reply, 2151 views) (2004-Sep-17)
As you can see, VBgamer has been drastically updated. The major change is the opening of the Help Bin. The Help Bin has 3 major areas:
  • There is an area for people to list multiple computers or hardware profiles that fellow programmers can search and browse. Fellow programmers can contact you regarding specific computers you may own to help beta test software.
  • There is also a section for job posts or requests for help. You can specify a description of what you need help with and any requirements, such as specific hardware or programming skills.
  • The Help Bin also provides a place for programmers to list their skills, hobbies, and other game programming stuff. It's like having a VB game programming resume ready for other people that might be looking just the right person. When you join the Help Bin, you're "invisible" by default, which means that any computer profiles, job postings, or resume listings you create will be globally invsible. Each individual post you make is also invisible by default, which requires you to edit and toggle the visiblity state. One important feature of the Help Bin is that if you forget about your Help Bin profile, it will be automatically deleted after 3 months. This prevents old information from accumulating in the Help Bin. Accounts with dead email addresses are useless, and people's computers (especially software installed) change quite frequently, and this helps to keep information current. P. S. For those that are using a smaller resolution than 1024x768 you can click on the Configure link in the top navigation area to select a layot that is better for a smaller resolution.

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Looks great :)

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