2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE! - dxgame (6 replies, 2608 views) (2004-Nov-8)
Our 2D DXGame Engine has now been updated to version 1.0.8 and is now 100% FREE to use! (With no annoying load screens either!!) Our 2D+ game engine is now our immediate focus and we're hoping for a December gift for all VB uers. :) Please visit our website for more information.

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Re: 2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE! -  Lachlan87 (0 replies) (2004-Nov-9)
Nice to see this engine is free now. I use VB.Net, otherwise I'd check it out. I've heard that the DXGame engine really is easy to use.
Re: 2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE! -  dxgame (0 replies) (2004-Nov-9)
Yes, because we limit the focus of the engine to give it an old school sprite based feel, it is extremely easy to use. The updated 2D+ engine will be even easier to use. We will eventually be porting over the new engine to
Re: 2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE! -  Lupin (0 replies) (2004-Nov-20)
i always knew that 2D gfx would beat 1D gfx!!! =)
Re: 2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE! -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2004-Nov-22)
1D, wow that hurts the noodle...ouch...stop thinking... I am glad to see this engine free now, this engine is really great, when I finish my current project, as a show of good faith, I will design a game with this engine... I like its ease of use, and the fact the engine, really takes headache of sprite mechanics out of the way... Nice work as always... DaBooda out... P.S. This engine rocks... I recomend this one to all users, some great games can be made with this...
Re: 2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE! -  ballistik (0 replies) (2004-Nov-23)
I like the DXGame Engine as well.. it's easy to use and is very powerful. I've only made small demo's with it but I like the way it works.. Sometimes I wish the function names were capitalized though... :) Currently I'm using DaBooda but I may make a game in DXGame if I ever get my current project finished. :)
Re: 2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE! -  dxgame (0 replies) (2004-Dec-8)
Thanks for the comments. :) We've had some down time due to a server move, but the move is compelte and our new dedicated server is running smoothly. All email, downloads should be functional.

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