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You are a space marine named Hash. One day, you are cooking some eggs and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a midieval world. You notice that your flame thrower is on hand. Hmmmm... Alpha Version 0.1 No collision detection...working on it No sprite lighting...also working on it Oginial graphics...not sure I'm even going to get this far Editor...fully functional (USE ONLY IN WINDOWED MODE; press F12 to edit and F12 again to play; lacking a few features) You can shoot a flame thrower and blow up enemies.

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This has been updated. It's still v0.1 but there a few bug fixes (like the slowed frame rate after killing enemies would stay and only get worse). Sorry about the abominable server speed. I'm using a free server; hope to soon get a better one. Updates to come: Collision detection with tiles and sprites Correct ZOrdering according to sprite "depth/Y value/foot placement" More sprites (NPCs, enemies) Enemies that have weapons and better AI Optimized dynamic lighting (using lighting on large maps is very slow) Overlighting Sprite lighting (so the sprites don't stand out as easily) Better death animations More player weapons (rocket launcher, pulse cannon, etc.) Partial scripting for map transitions and mini-missions Completed/Improved editor (insertion of particle effects, etc.) Use of multiple resource files (for partitioning) Background music (done, just not implemented) Minimatics (Miniature Cinematics/Automated Dialog) Plot By that time, we'll be at Version 1.0. :)

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