Ninja*M Movie! - skasoftware (3 replies, 5757 views) (2006-Apr-7)
Here's a short gameplay video for NinjaStarMageddon, or Ninja*M as we like to call it.

The basic game type is space freelancer, with an emphasis on fast-paced action. The universe is run by the Pterodactyl Bureaucrats, who perpetuate the rivalry between the Ninjas and Zombies so as to keep themselves in power. Meanwhile, Pirates rob and plunder, and Cyborgs terrorize.

This game was written in VB6 using DirectX 8.0 and the MD2 loading code from

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Re: Ninja*M Movie! -  Spodi (0 replies) (2006-Apr-7)
Cant wait to see it released. :)
Re: Ninja*M Movie! -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2006-Apr-8)
That looks awesome Image  I love that your ship is a car.  It reminds me of spaceballs.
Re: Ninja*M Movie! -  SuperDre (0 replies) (2006-Apr-10)
Looks like very much fun, and also can't wait to see it released...

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