Black Echelon Omega 1.0 Release - wilzmodz (2 replies, 5806 views) (2006-Apr-21)
The Black Echelon development team has just released their first demo! This demo is a tech demo designed to give users a general look and feel for the game. This game is powered by the DXGame Engine and a custom map / script editor.

Richard Carter at Intrigue Games has been working hard overhauling all of the graphics and working on the menu interface.

Over at Wilz Modz we've been working on building the editor and scripting engine.

Be sure to download a copy of the demo today from Wilz Modz

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Re: Black Echelon Omega 1.0 Release -  Walrus (0 replies) (2006-Apr-25)
Hello, I had a look at the demo and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the game.

One minor problem though; when I run "BE Omega 1.0.exe", I get an error message saying:
    "Run-time error '453': Can't find dll entry point SetLayeredWindowAttributes in user32"

I think that the SetWindowLayeredAttributes function is not available in WinME, which I am using. The demo works fine if I run "BE.exe".
Re: Black Echelon Omega 1.0 Release - intriguegames (0 replies) (2006-May-20)
Thanks for the feedback, we'll try and sort that before the next release!

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